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Parents Sponsorship

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Generally, parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents may immigrate with parents sponsorship program under the stream of Family Class sponsorship. 

How to apply for parents sponsorship?

To be eligible for the parent’s sponsorship program, the sponsor must meet the following requirements, such as: 

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident;
  • Be 18 years of age or older;
  • Exceed the minimum necessary income level for this program;
  • Sign an undertaking to repay any provincial social assistance benefits paid to the sponsor and accompanying family member(s), if any, for a period of 20 years, if necessary;

Super Visa

Parents and grandparents to come to Canada as long-term visitors with the Super Visa Program as a part of the parent’s sponsorship program. Successful applicants receive multiple-entry visitor visas that may last for up to 10 years. Unlike standard visitor visas, which must be renewed every six months, a Super Visa remains valid for two years at a time. Nevertheless, to be eligible for the Super Visa program, parents and grandparents must meet standard visitor visa requirements and must provide followings:

  • a written commitment to financial support from their child or grandchild in Canada;
  • proof about the sponsor in Canada meeting minimum income requirements;
  • purchased Canadian health insurance for at least one year;
  • complete an immigration medical examination.

Depending on the nationality, parents/grandparents may require a Temporary Resident Visa in addition to the Super Visa.

Parent Or Grandparent Invitation To Apply

Before you get an ITA

In general, after receiving an ITA, potential sponsors will have only 90 days to submit a complete application and supporting documents. Sponsors who have not prepared for this may find that they are unable to gather and review all supporting documents if they only begin to do so after the ITA is issued. There may be an extensive range of documentation, such as income taxation records, documents relating to civil status, etc.

After the ITA is issued

Moreover, after the ITA is issued, sponsors must complete a number of forms containing a number of questions.

The forms include: 

  • Application to Sponsor, Sponsorship Agreement and Undertaking
  • Financial Evaluation for Parents Sponsorship
  • Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union
  • Generic Application Form for Canada
  • Additional Dependants/Declaration
  • Schedule A – Background/Declaration
  • Additional Family Information
  • Use of Representative
  • Processing Fees

Any dishonesty or errors could lead to rejection and disappointment, not only for the sponsor but also for the sponsored person(s) and the wider family involved.