Applying for a Canada visitor visa is quite easy as everything can be arranged for prior to your visit in the country. If you are, of course, an individual belonging to a country or a territory that requires a Canadian visa.

Canada visitor visa is an official document that will be stamped on your passport. It shows that you meet the basic requirements needed to travel to Canada. And this is a visa that many visitors will require, regardless of their projected length of stay in the country.

Here are the following requirements that will be necessary for you to proceed with your application.

Visitor Visa Requirements

Obtaining a Canada visitor visa or temporary resident visa (TRV) requires the following:

  • Valid passport or equivalent travel documents;
  • Proof of medical fitness or good health;
  • Proving financial or economic ties such as employment, real estate, family, or financial assets. These will ensure your return to your country of origin;
  • Proving the intent of leaving Canada at the agreed end of your visit;
  • Having no prior history of criminal or immigration-related offenses or convictions;
  • Proving that you have enough funds for the duration of your stay in Canada.

Applicants may be required to take a physical examination. They might also need a letter of invitation from a sponsor who lives in the country as well.

Furthermore, it let us note that some applicants may be completely inadmissible to the country, such as those who committed illicit or criminal activity or has ties with such activity, and those who have committed human rights violations in the past.

The same is true for those who may be inadmissible by virtue of their finances, health, or for possible security risks.

Those who are admissible can avail of two Canadian visas for the duration of their stay in Canada: a single-entry visa¸ or a multiple entry visas.

Single-entry visitor visa

This type of visitor visa is valid only for one visit to Canada and would require you to reapply for a Canada visitor visa upon leaving Canada (with an exception for those who travel to the neighbouring United States of America, or those who travel to the Caribbean islands of Miquelon or St. Pierre.

Multiple entry visitor visa

This type of visa, on the other hand, allows visitors to exit and re-enter Canada without needing to reapply after doing so, for as long as each entry to Canada does not go over six months.

Both given visitor visa types are valid only for a particular time period. Visitors cannot reuse them upon their expiration date.

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